Positive Energy | Zapon Mutual Fund Foundation was Established!
Positive Energy | Zapon Mutual Fund Foundation was Established!
Aug 07 2019
  • August 1st, 2019 is the ninety-second Army Day. Zapon Mutual Fund Foundation was established in this memorable day.

  • In order to help poor employees to solve the serious diseases and let them feel the warmth and care, company decided to establish the “Mutual Fund Foundation” and “Mutual fund committee”. They are mainly responsible for the special audit, management and routine work of foundation. It is better to rescue and help employees or their families when they have accidents or serious illness.

  • In the opening ceremony, participants reviewed and passed the whole constitutions of foundation. It is the first capital injection that they offered to donate money. Then the colleagues all donated money up to three point fifty thousand RMB. The establishment of foundation fully reflected that enterprise family cared about poor employees very much. It created an atmosphere of “a staff in need is a staff indeed”.

  • Staffs are always the most precious treasure in company. The establishment of “Mutual Fund Foundation” transmitted the power of love and reflected that Zapon’ s staffs help each other and pursue more beautiful life together. Zapon shows enterprise’ s responsibility and set up a warm private enterprise. We try our best to achieve the happiness of staffs and sustainable development of company.

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