Message From The Chairman
Message From The Chairman

Chairman’s speech:

  • Creating a world-class, domestic top printed circuit board manufactory is the position and pursuit of Zapon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and it is also a solemn commitment to all customers and society. With the development of Chinese electronic information industry, especially after 2008, the Chinese printed circuit board industry has become the biggest production base in the world. So we seized the opportunity and formed a diversified market strategy pattern that focus on avionics, industrial control, medical treatment and automobile electronics. Our company is a high and new technology industry which has produced two- side and multi-layer printed circuit board up to 600,000 square meters each year.

  • Zapon Electronics’ values is innovation, eco-friendly and sharing. We gradually establish scientific development strategy and improve the production technology and scale of printed circuit board to lay a solid foundation for a new round of development. We insist on green science and technology and beautify life for developing the unique enterprise culture. At the same time, we cultivated a talent team that had higher comprehensive quality and cooperation. It is necessary for our company to undertake social responsibility and also advocate green production and recycling. It will be helpful to promote green industry chain.

  • Even though there is a long way to go, we have confidence to look forward into the future. We believe that only if we work hard and adhere to our strategy and idea of development can make a big progress and create new glories.

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