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Zhejiang Zapon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Zapon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Zapon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,established in 2007, has mainly produced single, double and Multilayer PCB for so many years. Now the Company uses international advanced circuit board equipments and employs specialized talents for managing and producing all kinds of precise PCB nearly 600,000 square meters each year. The productions are widely applied in computers, appliances, auto parts, precise instruments, meters, aviation, aircraft equipments, etc. Productions are exported to Europe and America, southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries. The proportion of products sold abroad is 40% and also strengthen the anti-risk capacity during the financial crisis in 2008.
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Quality Assurance
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    Incoming Quality Control
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    Process Quality Control
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    Finished Goods Control
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We use the raw material of international famous brand and inspect incoming according to the standard of internationality and customers.
Quality products is from manufacture rather than inspection. We have standard production process and detailed work instruction of each procedure to ensure the standard operation.
We are strictly in accordance with the international and customers’ standard to examine and control the delivery quality. After delivery, if the customers are not satisfied with quality of goods, we...
We will contact you within 24 hours
Positive Energy | Zapon Mutual Fund Foundation was Established!
August 1st, 2019 is the ninety-second Army Day. Zapon Mutual Fund Foundation was established in this memorable day. In order to help poor employees to solve the serious diseases and let them feel the warmth and care, company decided to establish the “Mutual Fund Foundation” and “Mutual fund committee”. They are mainly responsible for the special audit, management and routine work of foundation. It is better to rescue and help employees or their families when they have accidents or serious illness. In the opening ceremony, participants reviewed and passed the whole constitutions of foundation. It is the first capital injection that they offered to donate money. Then the colleagues all donated money up to three point fifty thousand RMB. The establishment of foundation fully reflected that enterprise family cared about poor employees very much. It created an atmosphere of “a staff in need is a staff indeed”. Staffs are always the most precious treasure in company. The establishment of “Mutual Fund Foundation” transmitted the power of love and reflected that Zapon’ s staffs help each other and pursue more beautiful life together. Zapon shows enterprise’ s responsibility and set up a warm private enterprise. We try our best to achieve the happiness of staffs and sustainable development of company.
Russian Customers Visit Our Company
The Russia’s customers visited our company on April 22, 2019. They inspected our factory and had a clear communication about company capability, development plan and product sales accompanied by general manager Fang Renguo and sales manager Wang Shiliang. They were very strict to products, technical equipments and quality. Our company was spoken highly by customers after visiting. They said they decided to cooperate with us because of extraordinary technology and strong strength. Qualified products and good service is the most powerful marketing. We appreciated customers’ great recognition and support for our company. Zapon will give 100 percent efforts to satisfy our customers.
ZAPON Hold Munich Exhibition In Germany
Welcome to ZAPON Exhibition B1.575 November 12 to 16, 2018, ZAPON hold Munich exhibition and met clients in Germany. Hope for meeting you in 2020 again!
ZAPON Attended IPC APEX EXPO at the San Diego Convention Center, 111 W in California
Feb26-28, 2018, ZAPON attended IPC APEX EXPO at the San Diego Convention Center, 111 W in California. We visited our clients in Feb 29-March 1. Hope for meeting you in 2020 again!
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